Writing Articles – A Recipe For Success

If you want to mix cooking and writing articles then the following recipe will allow you to generate an article suitable for your target audience. Follow the instructions to ensure success!

To make:

One Article Suitable For Distribution Onto The Internet

You will need:

A small functioning computer (pen and paper will not work so easily)

Two (or ideally more) working fingers and a brain (typing skills only need to be minimum)

A theme or idea for a subject (you can write about almost anything)

The ability to thing logically and take notes (these will help you put your article together)


Ensure that your computer is switched on and that your fingers are hovering over the keyboard. You should begin your article with a little research. Whilst having notepad open on your computer, enter relevant search terms into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example entering “dog training” will return all there is necessary to know about this subject.

Whilst reading the consequent website articles, make notes into notepad for future use. Write down relevant content only. Do not get overwhelmed. Continue this until you have gathered enough information for your article.

Read your notes. Devise to make an introduction, main body and a conclusion for your article. You will need 250 – 400 words to make a useful article. Using your notes, carefully re-script the research into an original article in your own words.

This recipe will make a unique article that will feed thousands if it is offered to blogs or article directories.

Mark Clayson is an expert author of thousands of articles, reports and publications distributed throughout the world. If you want to learn more about writing then join a free Article Marketing Course.

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