Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

While the early 90’s laid impetus on physical mass communication mediums such as print, outdoor, television and radio; the internet revolution has entirely changed advertising ideologies among professionals and consumers alike. Back in the times, marketing experts would spend all their time, money and resources to deliver a single message to a mass audience using all these mediums. Today, the dynamic nature of the internet and its ever growing user base is facilitating the implementation of creative marketing methodologies that can be customized for niche audiences without worrying about financial overheads.

Besides this, there are a number of other areas where internet marketing overtakes traditional marketing –

1. Measurability –

Smart and sophisticated promotion tools have made it possible for professionals to measure end result of every branding or promotion initiative that is executed on the web. While branding opportunities in the physical world are traditionally believed to be much for effective, it is very difficult to measure. On the World Wide Web, it is possible for experts to easily track site hits, sale conversions and user activities which make it easy for clients to know what exactly it is that they are paying for.

It is very ambiguous to state that traditional advertising is directly impacting your sales. Online strategies can be based on quantifiable facts that allow you to understand your return investment and meeting your business objectives.

2. Informed Decision Making

As already mentioned before, decision making with respect to market strategizing has become so much easier with the emergency of web marketing technologies. No matter how strong and detailed your traditional marketing strategy is, it is next to impossible to produce tangible data that leads to analysing success.

The World Wide Web allows you to accurately quantify how your audience is responding to your communication strategies and what’s more? They let you do it real time!

3. Enhanced Reach

Everyone will agree when one says that the internet higher more reach than traditional advertising and communication media. Even though one can try to work on a traditional media plan that will market brands to particular audiences depending on the language of your newspaper, or type of TV show you choose to show your TVC to, but nothing can match the extensive reach of the internet and its ability to reach out to targeted audiences in a timely and cost effective manner.

4. Consistency in Communication

A major advantage of web promotions over conventional advertising mediums is the fact that all the communication and information on the web remains to be there as long as you want it to be there. For example, a print ad in a local news paper is here today, gone tomorrow. If a major chunk of your target audience misses it out, you will have to spend all over again to make sure that it is well communicated. On the other hand, your internet based communication can be reinforced to your audience time and again without actually worrying about how much that is going to cost you. Through direct mailers and viral marketing techniques, you can constantly push your communications to your audience.

In addition to this, internet based marketing techniques are a lot easier to implement as they require fewer resources with respect to time, manpower and money. They offer higher conversion rates through word-of-mouth and are definitely much more efficient. There is hardly any loss incurred in case you need to customize or change your strategy mid-campaign which allows you experiment and deliver much more effective communications. offers social media management, strategy consulting and Internet Marketing Vancouver for all types of business and brands.

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