Article Writing and Blogging – Why Writing is Crucial to Your Credibility and Success Online

Writing and marketing articles has become a joyous part of my life. I had wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary school, but I was not dedicated enough to make it become a reality for me. When I left my job and came online in 2005 I saw that writing was going to be crucial to my success. I decided right then and there to just start writing.

I now have several blogs that I post to regularly, as well as more than one thousand articles published to three different article directories. I am very proud of my writing. In the beginning my articles and blog posts were not very good at all, and it seemed to take forever to get anything completed. I just kept writing anyway and soon my writing improved. It also became much easier to write an article or a blog post in about thirty minutes, allowing me to write even more.

Writing articles and blogging regularly will be key to your success online. Yes, you can record yourself and have someone transcribe it into articles, but it just will not be the same as if you sat down and wrote it out. Writing helps you to quickly build credibility and visibility on the internet.

I encourage you to write. Find a time of day and a place that will feel comfortable for you. I have a home office where I can look out of the window and see the mountains and canyons near my home. This is where I do almost all of my writing. I also write better early in the morning. Find what works for you and start doing it regularly. You will improve your bottom line if you do.

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Connie Ragen Green has been online since 2005 and teaches people how to build their own online business in record time, offering free teleseminars weekly, as well as online courses in a workshop environment with webinars.

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