Article Builder Review From A Real User – Why Use Article Builder?

Article Builder Review Learn More & Get Your Copy Here: This time you can take assistance of the brand new tool or softw…

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10 Responses to Article Builder Review From A Real User – Why Use Article Builder?

  1. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    FYI – they didn’t “Shut off” the option to autopost with AB, it was simply the new API functionality they introduced to the blogging platform which is honestly more beneficial to us than simply auto-posting… with the new Blog Beast we are introducing in a few weeks, get ready, because we are taking blogging to a whole new level. You will be able to post directly from you phone, video, blog, everything will be mobile. Crazy stuff just get ready!

  2. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    I mainly use UAW for backlinks, not content creation… Not sure about the auto posting feature; the reason AB can’t sync up the autoposting is due to the other API functionality they invested into the EN blog structure which is very beneficial, so there’s no way to say what will come of it, but if you are tech savvy with API functionality I’m sure you could come up with a solution.

  3. Richard Jones says:

    Hey Chris, I was wondering if you use unique article wizard at all? Looks like you try to make things as simple as possible and I really like that. After getting a preview of the new EN software, do you think we’ll be able to autopost?

  4. Richard Jones says:

    Thanks Chris,

    I’m impressed with your videos. I was wondering the same thing about the new launch with the new software. If there is a way to auto post with the new software, it would be great to know. Why did they shut off the option to do so in the first place? Makes me think it won’t be part of the new blogging system.

  5. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Hey Richard… that is the case for the most part, but for those a bit more tech savvy that can utilize the API functionality, I do know some members still able to take advantage of the auto posting. Also, with the new ENV2 being released soon, I’m not 100% sure what impact that will have on AB and auto posting, but will keep you updated. Also, don’t forget you can have the content generated for you and simply copy and past to your EN blog, so it’s not 100% automated, but still very fast.

  6. Richard Jones says:

    Hi Chris, you can’t auto post on En anymore? Is this correct?

  7. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Glad to help. Cheers =)

  8. Adam Lancaster says:

    Awesome! Thanks mate

  9. Chris Kostopoulos says:

    Hey Murray,

    Yes, you can actually do up to 400 or more per day with Article Builder. But I don’t want this to confuse people thinking that Article Builder is some kind of magic bullet.

    It is good for getting additional content, in addition to your own, or if you’re creating a niche site for example. i have a few niche sites and this helps me get daily content posted on autopilot that supplements my personal content that is less often.

    Remember the search engines love daily content.

  10. Murray Beaulieu says:

    Awesome. You are actually making 200+ blog posts/day to your viral blog with this?

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